Oriental Pearl Baccarat Tournament - Great Blue Heron Charity - Port Perry, ON - Canada

Discussion in 'Baccarat Events' started by benfoo99, Jan 31, 2016.

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  2. benfoo99

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    I just wanted to congratulate Gronbog for advancing to the final round, in the Baccarat Tournament today, at the Great Blue Heron Casino. I didn't stay late to watch the game finish, so maybe Gronbog can fill us the unknown. Congrats!
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  3. gronbog

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    Hey, thanks Ben!

    I ended up placing 6th out of 9 at the final table. I was forced to go all-in with 5 hands remaining and lost my bet. One guy ran away with the chip lead with an incredible run of aggressively bet wins. I could see no pattern in his betting. He just appeared to be guessing and winning. With 5 hands to go, he had 30k in chips. The next closest competitor had about 10k. However .... the guy with the 30k didn't win 1st place ....

    A woman who had only 3k remaining on the second last hand bet 2k on tie (8 to 1) and 1k on bank. Well, wouldn't you know it, her tie bet hit and she now had 19k (banker bet pushes on a tie). On the final hand (secret bets for all), she bet big on player, and BR1, now with 32,100 bet 13k on bank (typical blackjack tournament bet, but not optimal for baccarat). Well, the winner of the hand was player and the woman won the 30k first prize.

    Lucky for sure on that second last hand, but it was her only shot.
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    Sorry to hear your all-in missed!

    Very dramatic on the last 2 hands, and very lucky win indeed for this woman!

    Hope for the best for both of us next year.
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    Although the events for all the other games at this casino have been canceled until further notice, I was told today by the tournament director that the baccarat event will still be held. No date was given, but it's usually in February, close to the Chinese New Year.

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