PokerStars Caribbean Adventure - $100K BJ Tournament

Discussion in 'Blackjack Events (Other areas)' started by London Colin, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. London Colin

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    I just noticed this -

    It's January 8th, at the Atlantis resort in Nassau, the Bahamas. Presumably that's the same place as this? - $100,000 Blackjack Tournament - Atlantis Bahamas - Paradise Island - Bahamas

    There's information about the tournament format/rules on the PS site, but I can't see anything about how much it costs to enter, or even whether you can buy in directly at all (versus some kind of online qualification method, which is something that seems to be cropping up more and more lately).

    So I haven't put it on the calendar, but I thought it worth mentioning here.
  2. gronbog

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    Yep --- same place.

    Interesting. The format looks similar to a table-advance blackjack tournament. 15 hands --- winner moves on. It also looks like there is an actual blackjack tournament associated with this event as well.
  3. London Colin

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    I'm confused. Do you mean there's another BJ tournament happening around the same time, in addition to the one that is part of the PCA?
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  4. gronbog

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    Now that I re-read it, your link is, in fact, about the companion blackjack tournament:

    "Well festival organisers have done it again this year with a $100,000 guaranteed blackjack tournament, with cash and a seat into the PCA Main Event to the winner.
    [ ... ]
    "The Blackjack event plays out on Friday January 8, 2016, the same day as Day 1A of the Main Event. Win it and they'll be a seat waiting for you on Day 1B."​

    The 15 hands table-advance description is a description of the blackjack event and not some weird poker tounament format, as I had initially believed.

    To answer one of your initial questions, $100k blackjack tournaments at The Atlantis typically have a $500 [edit: $750] buy-in. This is all US dollars.
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  5. The_Professional

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    To answer one of your initial questions, $100k blackjack tournaments at The Atlantis typically have a $500 buy-in. This is all US dollars.[/QUOTE]

    I thought it was listed in the past as $750 buy-in. Last time you reported on it as highest score format among all players. Did it go back to table elimination format?
  6. gronbog

    gronbog Top Member

    Thanks for the correction. You caught me as I was double checking it. I have no information about any format changes other than what I just read at the link that Colin provided.
  7. London Colin

    London Colin Top Member

    There is only one BJ tournament that I can see in the PCA schedule -
    14:00 PokerStars Casino $100,000 Guarantee Blackjack Tournament
    the rest of it is all poker events of various sorts. (And the BJ 1st prize is $30K + entry into the poker main event)

    And it's this blackjack tournament that I created this thread to discuss. Gronbog, I think we may be talking at cross purposes; you are making it sound like there are two PCA blackjack tournaments happening.:confused:
  8. gronbog

    gronbog Top Member

    Sorry for any confusion. I think that it is a poker tournament and a blackjack tournament happening at the same time.
  9. London Colin

    London Colin Top Member

    Hah! I need to learn to type faster; looks like we are no longer at cross purposes. As I said, there is a fairly full description of the blackjack tournament format -

    But I don't think it is necessarily safe to assume that either the entry fee or the format will be related to previous Atlantis blackjack tournaments. The Atlantis is the venue, but PokerStars are organizing the tournament. (Though they might well be borrowing some of the local expertise.)

    There is nothing I can find in the publicity to say what the entry fee is, whether you need to have a PokerStars account to enter, whether there are online satellites of some kind (as there are for the poker), etc. The poker tournaments are all defined by their buy-ins, whereas the blackjack is defined by its prize pool.

    It does say that the gtd. prize structure is based on 200 entrants, and -
    - which does suggest that it might be a $500 entry fee.

    Anyway, it's not something I would be able to get to, so it's all academic to me (at least for this year). I just thought I'd flag it up in case no one else had seen it.
  10. gronbog

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